How much do you love yourself?


First, we would need to have a common understanding of what it means to love oneself, as it's often easier to know what we are not or what flaws we have.

By: Lucy Pérez / Freely Woman

Have you ever had the feeling of not wanting to look in the mirror because you don't resonate with the reflection in it? Do you feel like you haven't had as many opportunities as other people? Do you think there will always be people who are more beautiful, pleasant, or likable than you? Do you have a sense of low self-worth within you?

Our lives go through various stages and periods; from the moment we start growing, we build our character, self-esteem, and also absorb family values.

We construct our identity according to the environment in which we are raised. We create within ourselves our own concept of how we are seen and how we want to be perceived.

That's when we start recognizing our worth as individuals, what makes us different from others, our appreciation for our own lives, and the self-love we acquire.

But it's possible that we don't always feel love for ourselves. I remember when I was in school; some people used to give nicknames to various individuals. Today, that would be considered bullying, but in my time, people were given nicknames based on their physical appearance, and even today, there are many people whose names we don't remember, but when they come to mind, we identify them by the way they were called based on their physical appearance.

So, what happens with the self-love of those people? What about our self-love? When do you love yourself? Certainly, many people have turned these circumstances into strengths and have used these nicknames to their advantage because they had a well-founded self-esteem that could withstand anything.

But how can we nurture our self-love? By accepting ourselves, with our virtues and flaws, embracing ourselves in our entirety. Of course, we can always improve, but not to please others or to fit into a group, but because we know who we are and recognize our human dignity.

Self-love combines elements such as self-acceptance, self-respect, and self-worth. It involves having positive thoughts about ourselves and how we view ourselves in various aspects of our lives. A person reaches self-love when they have found a balance between their emotions and self-esteem, leading to a sense of well-being that makes them feel valued, respected, and therefore, better equipped to face life's challenges.

If you look in your mirror and don't see the person you want to be, then you need to work on improving the aspects you're not satisfied with, whether they're internal, physical, or emotional.

As long as we have life, we will always have the opportunity to become better individuals and increase our personal worth. It doesn't matter if others recognize it or not; the most important thing is to love yourself and know that the love you feel for your life, for yourself, makes you feel fulfilled and grateful.

Today, I propose that you look in that mirror and see the greatness of your being. Take a sheet of paper and a pen and write down all your virtues and qualities. Discover every talent that makes you the wonderful woman or man that you are. Never think again that you are ugly or clumsy or that you don't fit in. What others think of you is their problem; what you believe about yourself is your responsibility.

Lucy Pérez

Has earned a degree in Educational Sciences and possesses several diplomas in the fields of public policy, neuro-linguistic programming, and accelerated learning. Furthermore, she is currently working towards obtaining a certification in the field of public relations. Having established the Freely Woman Community she also pursued a candidacy for mayor in the highly appealing municipality of Tlaquepaque in Jalisco. Her smile and compassionate heart radiate even brighter than her long list of achievements. She has a substantial collection of recognitions, including being awarded a scholarship by the United States Department of State and Women Leaders of the Americas. 

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